Quality Policy

Although our units are registered under Small Scale Industries, we have managed to be one of the top manufacturers of electrical switch gears and light fittings through the know-how developed for almost four decades of extensive efforts.

Our ultimate aim is to go beyond simply satisfying customers, by ever-improving products and services. We strive for excellence in the quality and reliability of our products and services.


We have qualified vendors on our list. Every purchase is monitored closely for quality purposes. Any product with the slightest deviation from our standards is rejected immediately.


We never compromise on the condition of materials and components. The individual in charge of purchasing scrutinizes, inspects, and tests on a 100% basis. Our in-house testing laboratories are equipped with high-performance equipment for all the required testing and inspection. We also encourage customers to be present at the time of testing. If the customer needs further tests/certification, provisions are made, and details are included in the contract. Non-conformities on inspection and testing are brought to the attention of the Quality-in-Charge personnel instantly, who is authorized to take appropriate actions.

Corrective action

If a lot is rejected, the supplier takes up the matter for disciplinary action. If an accepted item is found to be faulty, then the case is taken up with the supplier or our internal department to initiate corrective action by the Quality-in-Charge personnel or the person assigned by them to do so.

Handling, Storage, Packing and Delivery

All materials are handled carefully and stored separately. The units are wrapped in plastic, then packed in multiple corrugated boxes or wooden cases, and then appropriately labeled, indicating model & serial number. The end product gets delivered as per contract terms.

Quality Records

All Test/Inspection reports can be issued to clients who ask for the same.

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