Trefoil Clamps / Cable Cleats

Ajmera Trefoil Clamps keep three single-core cables in a Trefoil arrangement, which helps maintain magnetic symmetry, thereby avoiding current loss and electromagnetic heating.

We at Ajmera manufacture Trefoil Clamps through a molding process using Virgin Glass- filled Nylon material. We mainly use Glass-filled nylon materials to increase the flexibility of the clamp & to avoid breaking the clamp from the hook during the tightening procedure of the three single-core cables.

We also manufacture Aluminum Fabricated & Diecast Aluminum Body Trefoil Clamps duly powder coated.

Three single-core cables are fixed into the trefoil clamp using Bolts. Nuts & Washers are commonly SS hardware or MS Zinc passivity, depending upon the customer’s request. Our Trefoil Clamps are usually between 18mm to 160mm cable OD. However, we can cater to the demands of our clients according to their requirements and measurements.

Our Trefoil clamps have adequate mechanical strength when installed at 1-meter intervals to withstand the force generated by the system of a short circuit current of 105KA peak for 1 Second.


  • High mechanical strength
  • Certain variations in cable diameter can be overcome, as the cables can be fixed easily in our clamps that provide adequate mechanical strength thanks to our special design
  • Our cable clamps are not affected by surrounding atmosphere, chemicals or acids, hence giving them a long life.
  • Glass filled Nylon material reduces chances of hooks breaking
Note: We also manufacture Trefoil Clamps in an Aluminium Body as per the requirement of the customer. Our Single Cable Cleats are available in Nylon 6 and Aluminium body as per the client’s requirements and specifications.
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