JSL-AJMERA Fire Resistant E90 Junction Boxes

Electrical functional integrity is important at all locations where there are large numbersĀ  of people, such as national highways and roadways, airports and railway platforms, schools, hospitals, public authorities, industrial facilities or shopping centers.

Our E90 Fire Resistant Junction Boxes are based on the European DIN 4102 - Part 12 Circuit Integrity Standard. This means these junction boxes guarantee electrical functional integrity for at least 90 minutes in case of a fire.

Functional integrity of the electrical systems is when the safety-relevant current continues to flow and there is no short circuit during a fire.
As a result, the power supply of the escape and rescue routes should remain intact if exposed to fire from outside.


For a functional electrical connections in case of fires our E90 Junction Boxes should be installed in areas with corrosive characteristics, extreme temperatures and high impact zones, that attract a high population.


  • Road and Railway tunnels and underground installations
  • Important monuments and buildings
  • For emergency lighting and lifts in Airports, Hospitals, Schools and Universities, Malls, Movie Theatres, etc.
  • Electrical and Telecommunication installations, safety zones and emergency evacuation areas
Note: We are also manufacturing Junction Boxes in Brass/Stainless Steel specially for Pharma Industries, Nuclear Power Plants, Refineries, Mines etc. as their requirement is different then the regular need.
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