Marine LED Vibration Proof Light Fitting

Products Details

9212/F Vibration resistance and drip proof Engine room light fitting suitable for LED 24W. 240V. 50 hz The fitting made from Fiber body & provided with one piece hinged Polycarbonate milky cover is firmly secured to the housing with stainless steel toggles and fitted with rubber gasket to make totally insect free. The fitting with 24W. LED PCB with aluminium sheet for proper heat dissipation. The fitting provided with 2 nos. 12W LED Heavy Duty Electronic Driver with power factor imp., 2 nos. cable entries PG. cable glands etc. Duly wired up to a suitable connector with provision for earthing 2 nos. MS brackets for vibration mounting.
9212/AL ... do ... but fitting made from Aluminium sheet body duly powder coated.
9212/MS ... do ... but fitting made from CRCA body duly powder coated.
9209/F/AL/MS Same as per 9212 but fitting with 2 nos. 9W. LED retrofit 2' tubes.
9218/F/AL/MS Same as per 9209 but fitting with 2 nos. 18W. LED retrofit 4' tubes.

Products Specifications

Catalog No. Watt Annual Power Consumption Max. Lumens
9212 / F 24W 72 KW 2400 Im
9212 / AL 24W 72 KW 2400 Im
9212 / MS 12 W 72 KW 2400 Im
9209 / F / AL / MS 18 W 52 KW 1760 Im
9218 / F / AL / MS 36W 104 KW 3500 Im
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