Virus Disinfecting Torch

UV Light Torch emits ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 253.7nm (nanometer) which have an excellent germicidal effect. These lamps are primarily useful for sterilization the surface of various materials.

It can be used at Home, Office, Factories, Shops, Salons, hospitals, Airports, etc.

Products Details

  • Radiation Emitted - UVC 253M, 22W
  • Enclosure - CRCA
  • Power - 230V AC
  • Size - 280mm x60mm x 55mm
  • Weight - 1.30 Kgs

Chemical Free
Kills 99.5% Viruses, bacteria & Germs
UVC light Sanitizes by permanently damaging the Genetic Structure (DNA) of Viruses, Bacteria, Germs, etc.


Note : The suggested time for disinfecting any surface would be from 2 secs - 10 secs
Maintain distance between light & products surface from 5mm to 100mm (lesser the distance lesser time required)
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